1916 Rising Walking Tour

Walk the streets of one of the most beautiful, vibrant and historically important cities in Europe. Every corner of Dublin has a story to tell. Discover how it’s people, the Writers, Poets, Landed Gentry, Working Class and the Poor came together to challenge the might of the British Empire.

1916 was the catalyst that eventually led to Irish independence.
On this tour you will walk the streets where the battles took place, Dublin Castle, the seat of English power for 700 years, Liberty Hall, where plans were hatched and rebels inspired. Hear about The Four Courts and Mount Street garrisons, where brave rebels held the advancement of troops into the city. The G.P.O, headquarters of the rebels and the last stand at Moore Street Finishing at The Garden of Remembrance where Ireland’s brave dead are honoured. Your guide will recount stories of heroic feats, brutality, and tales of daring, the rebels last stand and the aftermath that changed the course of Irish History forever. On this 3 hour tour we will share the full story of 1916 and beyond, from the rise of nationalism after the famine to armed rebellion and independence. Come share this special time in our history and leave with an special understanding the sacrifice the rebels of this time gave.


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