Private Group Tours

Want to explore the city on a personal level and from a local perspective? We can arrange customized tours to suit any number of people from 1 or 2 travellers to groups of over 100 people.

These tours can start at a time that suits your group and can incorporate any subjects that you wish to cover from the historical, architectural, social to alternative tours. It is as simple as contacting us and letting us know your requirements and expectation and we will endeavour to link you up with one of our top rated tour guides who will share their knowledge with you.

Suggested Tours 

City Tour:

Guided tour taking in the main sights including Trinity College, Dublin Castle. Temple Bar. Christchurch & St Patrick's cathedral  


City of Music

On this 2.5 hour tour we explore the rich musical heritage that Dublin is so proud of.

Howth Hiking Tour 

Discover the stunning coastline and beautiful countryside of Howth peninsula on this 7 hour hiking tour.


City of Literature

On this 2.5 hour tour we visit the sights associated with the most famous Dublin writers.  W.B. Yeats, Beckett, Joyce & Oscar Wilde 


Sex & Society 

On this 2.5 hour tour we take a gentle, fun look at sex and society in Dublin and the huge changes in sex and society in Ireland.


1916 Rising Tour 

Discover the Writers, Poets, Landed Gentry, Working Class came together to challenge the might of the British Empire.


2.5 hour Private Walking Tour For up to 25 guests €160 for up to 12 guests

7 hour Howth hiking Tour €300 for up to 15 guests (includes Train fare) 

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Dublin is one of the most vibrant, historical and beautiful cities in Europe. The best way to explore this compact city and experience the unique atmosphere is on foot.  What better way to understand the history, the people and the stories that helped shape this city, From the early days of the Norman Conquest, through the arrival of the English and the struggle foe independence  to modern day Dublin with  most experienced, entertaining and charismatic walking tour guides the city has to offer, who will weave stories that will make you laugh and maybe even bring a tear to your eye. We are confident that you'll leave our great city with a better understanding of it's people, it's culture and the craic. On this 2.5 hour tours you will feel the heartbeat of the places you visit and  bring the city alive


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Dublin has a great musical history, from traditional Irish to classical and contemporary.Musicians from the city are popular all over the world and Dublin is the place to see live music of every different style. Music is a part of the soul of the city and the country. The streets, theatres and pubs are the creative centres where this musc is inspired and performed.


On this 2.5 hour tour we explore the rich musical heritage that Dublin is so proud of. From the early days of U2, Thin Lizzy and Rory Gallagher, through classical composers, traditional Irish music and modern superstars we take you to the places and tell you the stories that you won't find on your own to bring this magical, musical city alive.

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Howth Hiking Tour 

On this 7 hour tour we leave the city behind and head north on the local train to the stunning fishing village of Howth on a headland just 30 minutes north of the city.


Hear stories and legends from an Ancient Irish princess, the pirate queen, the arrival of the Vikings and the modern day settlement whose castle was built by the Norman conquerors with the same family residing there today.

Stroll through the Victorian exotic garden, forests and explore the hidden trails up to the top of Howth Head and after a local Pub lunch (not included) take time to enjoy the spectacular views over Dublin Bay and the Irish Sea along the Cliff path walk back to the village. 

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City of Literature

UNESCO City of Literature, Dublin is associated with four Nobel Prize winners.Writing is a part of the fabric of the city and Dublin has had a huge influence beyond Ireland due to this rich literary tradition. No visit to Dublin is complete without exploring this literary heritage and getting to know the writers that created it.


On this 2.5 hour tour we visit the sights associated with the most famous Dublin writers. From the Abbey Theatre, founded by W.B. Yeats, past the Samuel Beckett Theatre, and in the footsteps of Leopold Bloom from Joyce's 'Ulysses', we arrive at the home and iconic statue of Oscar Wilde and connect the city with these famous authors.



Irish people talk a lot, but until recently, did not talk much about sex. Thankfully, there have been huge changes in Irish attitudes towards sex in the last decade or two and it could be said that Ireland has finally joined 'the carnal mainstream'! 

No longer obsessed with 'fallen women' (what about 'fallen men'?) the Irish are now a little bit more comfortable talking about sex. But what about the history of sex? Did it just begin in Ireland 20 years ago? What went on behind closed doors and what is happening these days?

On this 2.5 hour tour we take a gentle, fun look at sex and society in Dublin. We visit 'The Monto', immortalised as 'Nighttown' in Joyces' 'Ulysses', (and previously the biggest red-light district in Europe), before arrivng in a modern Dublin complete with adult stores and fetish shops to show you, in a light-hearted way, the huge changes in sex and society that Ireland has seen.

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Walk the streets of one of the most beautiful, vibrant and historically important cities in Europe. Every corner of Dublin has a story to tell. Discover how it’s people, the Writers, Poets, Landed Gentry, Working Class and the Poor came together to challenge the might of the British Empire.

1916 was the catalyst that eventually led to Irish independence.
On this tour you will walk the streets where the battles took place, Dublin Castle, the seat of English power for 700 years, Liberty Hall, where plans were hatched and rebels inspired. Hear about The Four Courts and Mount Street garrisons, where brave rebels held the advancement of troops into the city. The G.P.O, headquarters of the rebels and the last stand at Moore Street Finishing at The Garden of Remembrance where Ireland’s brave dead are honoured. Your guide will recount stories of heroic feats, brutality, and tales of daring, the rebels last stand and the aftermath that changed the course of Irish History forever.

On this 3 hour tour we will share the full story of 1916 and beyond, from the rise of nationalism after the famine to armed rebellion and independence. Come share this special time in our history and leave with an special understanding the sacrifice the rebels of this time gave.16


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