Why choose Europe Free Tours?

With over 15 years combined experience working with many free walking tour companies, with differing qualities we realised that not every tour is equal and that a locally owned and operated business has more control over tour content than some of the large international, multi-city companies, hence the idea of bringing together the best companies of each city was born. 

Working closely with experienced tourists, travel writers and bloggers and our own personal experience we have pooled together the best of the best. Experience your destination through the eyes of a local whose passion and knowledge is contagious. 

All of the companies listed here are locally owned and operated, any the money you chose to donate at the end of a tour stays in the local economy, These free walking tours are not scripted but delivered by guides who have an obvious love for their city.  


How does it work, is there a catch? 

Unlike conventional paid tours where you have no idea what the quality is, Free Walking Tours are based solely on tips, your guide is NOT paid to deliver the tour by any organisation or business, you are free to leave a donation at the end of the tour based on what you think it was worth and your budget. We are confident that all the guides will keep you entertained while sharing the story of their city and without any upfront payment, what do you have to lose? 

Some companies have additional paid tours they may offer to you while on your Free Tour. If it is something you are interested in and it suits your budget, go for it, the best bit is that before you pay any money you know what  quality to expect from the tour. 


How do I book?

Click on the links above and find your destination and then simply click on the  book button and guarantee your spot on the Free Walking Tour of your choice at no cost. 

Free Walking Tours are normally designed for the single travellers or small groups and are not suited for larger groups of 10 or more. If you are a group and require a private tour, please contact us directly by clicking the link above.